About us

El Motaheda is the owner and operator of mashy.com. Mashy.com provides visitors and registered users with a wealth of content and services that we believe is unmatched in any Arabic language portal. Mashy.com is published on a business model that enables ISPs (such as Nile on Line in Egypt ) in Arabic countries to offer value added services to their offerings through mashy.com and use mashy.com as a lead generator for their products. If you are an ISP and want to explore such a relationship please use the contact us form on our corporate web site.


El Motaheda is more than a name, it is a way of thinking, in Arabic it means that which is in union. And that is our goal, to unify your requirements with that of your potential client's needs online.


Our team lead by Ehab Heikal has created and operated some of the largest web sites in the Middle East, our knowledge of technology is deep and driven by passion, a passion to technology. But we do not offer you technology we offer you a return on your investment, we will work with you to find out what is the best solution for you, we will focus not only on technology but on innovative and often viral ways to market and sell your products and services using the Internet as an extension to your business.


Our open source Internet technology will save you cost and effort and will allow you to provide your clients and prospective clients with a deeper and more engaging interactive experience. We will help you use this new and wonderful communication medium to its full potential for your organization.